It took 20 minutes to print out a 250 page this speed how many pages could this printer produce in 30 minutes

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  • 20min_____250page
    [tex]x= \frac{30*250}{20} = \frac{3*250}{2} = 3*125=375[/tex]
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  • First lets look at the information we have. Lets do it:-

    In 20 min 250 pgs print out.
    in 30 mins ? pgs print out. 

    Now lets firn the unit rate to find out how many pgs are printed out in a min. Then we will multiply by the amount of mins (30) to the amount of pgs which can be printed in 1 min. Then the answer will be the amount of pgs which could be printed in 30 minutes at this rate. AND then we will check our work. Lets do it:-

    Divide to find the unit rate:-
    250 ÷ 20 = 12.5
    So, in 1 min 12.5 pages can be printed OR 12 and a half. 

    Lets multiply to find out how many pages can be printed in 30 minutes. 

    12.5 × 30 = 375
    So, in 30 min 375 pgs can be printed at this rate.


    375 ÷ 12.5 =   30
    We were RIGHT!!!!

    So, in 30 minutes 375 pages can be printed at this rate.

    Hope I helped ya!!