Mary can read 22 pages in 30 minutes how long would it take her to read a 100 page book? Right your answer in hours and minutes and round to the nearest minute if needed

2 Answer

  • 30 divided by 22= 1.36 
    1.36 minutes for each page, to check 1.36x22= 29.92
    1.36x100=  136 minutes.
    Mary would need about 2 hours and 16 minutes to read a 100 page book.
  • Well, first of all, what you have to do is compare; So
    22 pages= 30 minutes
    100 pages= y minutes
      I represented the unknown figure with y. Anyway, what you have to do now is cross and multiply. y multiplies 22 and 30 multiplies 100. That will be;
    22 y= 3000 (22 multiplied by y is 22y)
      Next, you have to divide the both sides by 22. You have to do this because 22 is the only number attached to y, and you have to remove all that is attached. You have to divide because the relationship between 22 and y is multiplication. The opposite of multiplication is division. Anyway;
    y= 136 hours 8 minutes.