A company paid $48 for 2 cases of printer paper. Each case contained 12 packages of paper. Next month the company's office manager needs to order 180 packages of the same paper. If the price per package does not change, what would be the total cost of next month's order?

2 Answer

  • so, they paid 48 dollars per two cases, that is 48/2=24 dollars per case.

    those 24 dollars got them 12 packages of paper: this means that each package costed 24/12=2 dollars.

    now we know the prize per package: 2 dollars.

    then 180 packages will cost 180*2=360 dollars.
  • Answer: $360

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Given : The cost of 2 cases of printer paper = $ 48

    ∴ The cost of 1 case of printer paper = [tex]\frac{48}{2}=\$24[/tex]

    If each case contained 12 packages of paper.

    Then, then cost of 12 packages of printer paper= $24

    ∴  cost of 1 package of printer paper= [tex]\frac{24}{12}=\$2[/tex]

    Thus, the cost of 180 packages of printer paper=[tex]2\times180=\$360[/tex]

    Hence, the cost of 180 packages of  printer paper= $360