The internal combustion engine was an innovation of A. Guglielmo Marconi B. Thomas Edison C. Alexander Graham Bell D. Jean Lenoir E. Gustav Eiffel

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  • The first commercially successful internal combustion engine was created by √Čtienne Lenoir. It was around 1859 that it happened. The first modern internal combustion engine, though, was created in 1876 by Nikolaus Otto.

    But in the end, it was invention and innovation attributed to Jean Lenoir, who was Belgian inventor and self taught chemist. The development of the internal combustion engine happened back in 1858.

    The answer is: D. Jean Lenoir

  • The first internal combustion engine was an innovation of a Belgian chemist called Jean Lenoir.

    Jean Lenoir's Intenal combustion engine

    Jean Lenoir built the first automobile with an internal-combustion engine In 1862 .

    He had built and adapted his engine to run on liquid fuel and his vehicle was able to make a 6-mile or 10-kilometre trip that that lasted for two to three hours.

    Jean Lenoir was a Belgian-French engineer who first developed the internal combustion engine in 1858.

    Before that time, there were designs for such engines which were patented as early as 1807, but none achieved its purpose of commercially success.

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