What is bigger 3/6 or 4 /10

2 Answer

  • [tex] \frac{3}{6} [/tex] can be simplified to [tex] \frac{1}{2} [/tex]

    therefore, we can see that [tex] \frac{1}{2} [/tex] is bigger than [tex] \frac{4}{10} [/tex]

    or make the denominators are the same....

    so, we look for the LCM of 10 and 6. That is 60. Whatever you do to the bottom you do the top. So, [tex] \frac{3}{6} [/tex] goes to [tex] \frac{30}{60} [/tex]. [tex] \frac{4}{10} [/tex] goes to [tex] \frac{24}{60} [/tex] now we can see that the first fraction ([tex] \frac{3}{6} [/tex])is bigger.

  • 3/6=0.5 
    when you divide 3/6 it gives you 0.5.and  when you divide 4/10 it gives you 0.4