how to find the equation of a line
passesthrough (1,4) and is parallel to y=-4x-5

2 Answer

  • y=mx+b m=slope

    so the equation that you want to find will have 1 for x and 4 for y and will have the same slope (-4) as y=-4x-5 but different 'b' value so

    if we subsitute 1 for x we get
    which is not correct we want
    x=1 and y=4 so
    y=-4+8=4 so
    y=-4x+8 is the equation
  • y=mx+b m=slope

    1 for x and 4 for y

    same slope (-4) as y= -4x-5

    Different 'b' value

    x=1 and y=4

    y= -4+8=4

    The equation is y= -4x+8

    Hope this Helps!!!!