For which of the following did President Theodore Roosevelt win the Nobel Prize in 1906? for building the Panama Canal for the Roosevelt Corollary for the Open Door Policy for the Treaty of Portsmouth for the Treaty of Paris

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  • Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906 for his work on the Treaty of Portsmouth. This treaty ended up ending the war between the Japanese and the Russians.
  • Answer:

    President Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Prize in 1906 for the Treaty of Portsmouth.


    With the aim of ending the Russo-Japanese War, a peace conference was organized in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in August 1905, thanks to the mediation of President Theodore Roosevelt. The negotiations concluded with the signing of the Treaty of Portsmouth on September 5, 1905. The clauses contained the following stipulations: recognition, by Russia, of the pre-eminence of Japan's interests in Korea; assignment to the Japanese of his lease of the Liaodong Peninsula, his base of Port Arthur, the southern railroad of Manchuria and the southern half of the island of Sakhalin. Both countries, by common agreement, undertook to restore Manchuria to China. Despite Japan's insistence, no compensation was provided.

    As a result of his mediation and participation in the signing of the treaty, Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1906.