Which occurs during transcription?
DNA is copied to create a second DNA strand.
mRNA codons and tRNA anticodons assemble amino acids.
DNA is unzipped with the aid of DNA polymerase.
mRNA is synthesized from a strand of DNA.

2 Answer

  • mRNA is synthesised from a strand of DNA.

    this messengerRNA then carries the section of code from the DNA to a ribosome where it is transcribed into a protein.
  • Answer;

    mRNA is synthesized from a strand of DNA

    During transcription mRNA is synthesized from a strand of DNA.


    Transcription is the process that takes place in the nucleus of a cell, where DNA molecules acts as a primer to synthesis messenger RNA, catalyzed by the enzyme RNA polymerase.

    It is the first step of expression of gene, a particular segment of DNA is copied to mRNA by RNA polymerase.

    Then the mRNA is transported to the cytoplasm for the process of translation in which proteins are formed.